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Welcome to the Holly Area Schools' Smart Choices - Healthy Living website.  Each of these modules has been designed to provide you with basic information about the impact of teen substance use to help students make healthy choices in high school and beyond. We hope you find this information helpful.   

Whether you are a student or a parent, you will be asked to create a profile to use this site.  Once you register, you will be able to explore the modules that have been created for you.  Following each module, there will be a short quiz covering the information in the module.   Please click on "Register Now" located at the top right of this page to create your log-in and password for this website.

For parents we hope you are able to use this information to help student through high school in a safe and healthy way.

For student, we hope you can use this information to keep yourself safe and healthy throughout your high school years and beyond.

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